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The DIY kids play food kit - Hipster Edition 😉

A lot of people want to know what’s in our DIY creative kits and how to do them - so this series of blog posts will show you what comes in the kits and some tips on completing them.

This kit was designed by me to be a funny take on the usual items found in children’s play shops. It has a Walthamstow hipster theme and the labels were designed especially for the kit by my very talented husband. See if you can spot the jokes 🤣


Each kit comes with:

- 6 wooden shapes

- 2 sheets sandpaper (coarse and fine)

- 5 pots of paint (glass pots which can be reused or recycled)

- sponge brush

- bespoke food label sheet (sticky)

Step 1: sand the shapes

Step 2: Paint shapes with white base layer

Step 3: Paint shapes with chosen colours

Step 4: Colour in and cut out food labels and apply to painted shapes

And that’s it! You’re done! One bespoke hipster play food set! 🙌🏻

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