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Christmas Crafts - Ceramic Bauble Decorating

How is it November already?! What an utterly weird and horrible year this has been....2020 sounded like such a promising title! New decade! New beginnings! New......pandemic. BOOM - deal with that world.


So - given that it looks like we'll all be spending a lot of time at home with only close family this Christmas - I'm going to do a series of Christmas Craft blog posts to keep you occupied on those long dark cold nights.....


I find that Christmas Crafts are best paired with Mulled Anything You Can Find In The Cupboard (mulled Sambucca anyone?) and the cheesiest Christmas tunes you can find.... and this craft project is no exception. Go on....bang on some Bublé and get yer Baubles oot! I mean decorated....unless you want to get yer baubles oot whilst yer decorating yer do you babes!


Ever wondered how to make those beautiful ceramic sparkly baubles you see all over Pinterest at this time of year? Well wonder no more my friend, I'm here to tell ya!


Materials you will need:

Ceramic baubles

Jute twine

Gold/copper or silver leaf (transfer booklets are easier than loose leaf if this is your first time leafing!)

Black felt tip pen or paint pen

PVA glue watered down to a milky consistency

Brush pen or letter stamps (if using letter stamps you'll need ink)

Paintbrush x 2