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CREATIVE Team Building, virtual workshops and brand activations

Craft Yer Tits Off

 Sassy,  Classy and Totally Bad-Assy Workshops by Make and Create


Brand Activations

Looking for a unique and interesting way for customers to engage with your new product? Want to throw a brand activation party that really sticks in people's minds? We got you covered.   You name it, we do it. Whatever your needs - we can come up with an edgy, off the wall and exciting way to launch your product or brand - we got the skillz to pay day billz - hit us up!

Image by Chris Montgomery



It's 2021 BISH - if you ain't done a virtual craft party by now, who even are you? Zoom is the new face to face.  Why go to the workshop when the workshop can come to you? Also, err....there's a pandemic on? So...y'know. Virtual workshops is kinda all we got right now....



Tired of the same old cringeworthy team building exercises? Stuck in a dingy hotel meeting room trying not to fall asleep after one too many pints the night before? Why not shake things up with one of our creative  team  building workshops!


You can choose any workshop from our core range of creative workshops - or, if you have a specific crafty skill you'd like to learn - send us an email - we love creating bespoke creative events for people - you name it, we can do it!  





We BLOODY love a Christmas party - and a Christmas party with crafts? Well that's just even better. We can bring a Christmas party to you - wherever you are - be that an office Christmas party, an in-store Christmas event, a Christmas Market event, a private Christmas party at home - name the place and we'll be there with LITERAL bells on. And probably some flashing reindeer antlers too. Choose from plastic free Christmas cracker making, ceramic beauble decorating - or email us your Christmas crafty dreams and we will make them come true! 


drop in craft stations

Our core creative workshops are a great for smaller groups  - but if you want to entertain a larger audience, our drop in craft stations can provide crafty goodness for an audience of unlimited size!

Whether planning an in-store activation, product launch, team social or some festive fun. Our creative events guide guests through a satisfying creative project over 10-30 minutes.  All tailored to suit your brand requirements, themed to an occasion, tailored to your audience and much more.


employee wellbeing programme

Happy, healthy employees. So so important for the smooth running of a business.  Research has shown that if employees feel undervalued, then morale drops, and when morale drops, productivity drops and staff start to go off sick.

Here at Make and Create we draw on our experience of medicine and our experience as creatives - to curate a bespoke employee wellbeing programme, tailored to your business needs.  To learn more - click the button below or emails us here

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