About our Mental Health Jewellery range...

I created this range of jewellery to serve as a tangible piece of emotional support, for when times are tough.

When I’m feeling anxious, I tend to fiddle with things as a way of soothing myself. Playing with a necklace. Twisting a ring on my finger.


I started to wonder - what if this thing I was fiddling with nervously, actually bore a message of hope or reassurance - so that when I touched it, I could remind myself of that and try to pull myself back from the brink of panic and despair? And so this collection was born. 


Materials Used…

Each piece is designed and handcrafted by me The phrase is hand stamped on a brass arch, which is then suspended on an 18-inch gold plated brass chain.

Tough Mother

This necklace bears the phrase: Tough Mother


Mental load. 

You know what I'm talking about. Right?

Hey - did you remember to buy a present for the teachers for the end of term? And for that birthday party next week? Also - did you notice we were running low on toilet roll? Add that to the list. What about the cats? Did you remember to order their special food? We don't want them to get sick again. Oooh, is it time for a new pair of shoes for boy child? Those ones are looking a bit worn....and oops - girl child has had another growth spurt and needs some new baby-gros...did you notice we were running low on milk? And bread too. Don't forget to order enough food that EVERYONE will want to eat, and plan some meals that might fool the small people into eating vegetables. I worry about them getting enough iron. Hey, did you remember to eat today?

Did you remember to breathe?

Here. Have a glass of wine.

You are one TOUGH MOTHER.

Tough Mother Necklace


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