About our Mental Health Jewellery range...

I created this range of jewellery to serve as a tangible piece of emotional support, for when times are tough.

When I’m feeling anxious, I tend to fiddle with things as away of soothing myself. Playing with a necklace. Twisting a ring on my finger.


I started to wonder - what if this thing I was fiddling with nervously, actually bore a message of hope or reassurance - so that when I touched it, I could remind myself of that and try to pull myself back from the brink of panic and despair? And so this collection was born. 



Materials Used…

Each piece is designed and hand crafted by me.


The phrase is hand stamped on a brass tag, which is then suspended on a 30 inch brass chain.


Pause. Breathe. Connect

This necklace bears the phrase:

Pause. Breathe. Connect.

Designed to be grasped in times of difficulty. When you feel your anxiety rising - hold it tight.

Pause - listen to your body, listen to what’s happening in your head.

Breathe - try to slow your breathing, control the breath, breathe deeply into your belly

Connect - close your eyes or leave the room, listen to the breath. Connect back to yourself.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


You got this ❤️

Pause. Breathe. Connect necklace

Crystal choice

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