The 'Oxytocin' candle is a sensual blend of ylang ylang, sweet orange and geranium. Designed to make you feel relaxed and full of love.


It is 100% natural, hand poured, vegan and cruelty free.


Made from essential oils and eco-soy wax, for an incredible scent throw, even when not lit.


Perfect as a gift for a loved one who needs an uplifting boost, or simply a gift from you to you for being an all round awesome human.


Go on. Run a bath, mix yourself a Negroni....light this candle, close your eyes and completely unwind...


Oxytocin is sometimes called the 'love hormone' as it's released when we hug and kiss our fellow humans. This candle is essentially a hug in a jar!


Oxytocin is produced in the brain, where it acts as a chemical messenger. It has been shown to be important in human behaviours including arousal, recognition, trust, anxiety and mother–infant bonding.


As a result, oxytocin is sometimes called the 'love hormone'.


Did you know you can upgrade this candle to a Self Care Box by adding a handmade soap with the same essential oil scent and a handwritten note?

Neurotransmitter Candles - Oxytocin

Upgrade To Self Care Box
  • 160g soy wax candle with essential oils

    Approx 20 hour burn time

    Oxytocin scent: ylang ylang, sweet orange and rose geranium essential oils

    Soy wax is natural and burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. So not only is it not toxic but can last 30-50% longer.

    Soy wax does not release soot or toxins so is better for the environment and your lungs!

    Presented in amber glass jar measuring 65mm diameter 85mm height

    Burn candle for 2 hours at first burn to ensure the candle burns evenly

    Do not leave candle burning unattended


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