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  • Neurotransmitter Candles - Dopamine

    Inspired by the neurotransmitters of the brain - this range of hand poured candles is bound to tickle your nose buds (*that's not an actual thing - doc*)


    Dopamine is an important neurotransmitter, most commonly associated with the brain's pleasure and reward system.


    Releasing dopamine and causing us to feel pleasure from certain things is our body's mechanism to ensure that we continue to do things that we need to do in order to keep the body running optimally and feel healthy.


    This candle is a deliciously zingy blend of juniper, lavender and sweet orange - that will transport you to sipping a g&t in the sunshine surrounded by orange and lavender


    Read my tips on how to make your own essential oil blend.

    • 160g soy wax candle with essential oils

      Approx 20 hour burn time

      Dopamine scent: Sweet orange, lavender and juniper essential oils

      Soy wax is natural and burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. So not only is it not toxic but can last 30-50% longer.

      Soy wax does not release soot or toxins so is better for the environment and your lungs!

      Presented in amber glass jar measuring 65mm diameter 85mm height

      Burn candle for 2 hours at first burn to ensure the candle burns evenly

      Do not leave candle burning unattended

    • Warnings:  Do not burn near draughts and do not move candle when lit.  Keep candlewick trimmed to between 0.5cm and 1cm.  When candle is lit, place on a heat resistant mat.

      Burning Instructions:  Keep candle free of any foreign materials including matches and wick trimmings.  Only burn candle on a level fire resistant surface.


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