Neurotransmitter Candle: Serotonin
  • Neurotransmitter Candle: Serotonin

    The 'Serotonin' candle is an uplifting blend of May chang, rose geranium, lemon and bergamot essential oils - to awaken the senses and enliven the mind.


    It is 100% natural, hand poured, vegan and cruelty free. Made from essential oils and eco-soy wax, for an incredible scent throw, even when not lit.


    Perfect as a gift for a loved one who needs an uplifting boost, or simply a gift from you to you for being an all round awesome human.


    Go on. Run a bath, pour yourself a gin and tonic....light this candle, close your eyes and be transported to a Sicilan lemon grove in the summer sun....


    Did you know you can also upgrade your order to a Self Care Box - which comes with an added handmade soap in the same scent as your chosen candle? You can also add a handwritten note to send to a loved one. Or yourself. You know - it's always nice to receive love letters from you to you! 



    • 160g soy wax candle with essential oils

      Approx 20 hour burn time

      Serotonin scent: may chang, lemon, bergamot and rose geranium essential oils

      Soy wax is natural and burns at a lower temperature than paraffin wax. So not only is it not toxic but can last 30-50% longer.

      Soy wax does not release soot or toxins so is better for the environment and your lungs!

      Presented in amber glass jar measuring 65mm diameter 85mm height

      Burn candle for 2 hours at first burn to ensure the candle burns evenly

      Do not leave candle burning unattended

    Upgrade To Self Care Box

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