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Neurotransmitter Candle: Serotonin

Inspired by the neurotransmitters of the brain - this range of hand poured candles is bound to tickle your nose buds (*that's not an actual thing - doc*)


Serotonin is sometimes called the “happy hormone” as it contributes to wellbeing and happiness.


This candle is an uplifting blend of May chang, rose geranium, lemon and bergamot essential oils - to awaken the senses and enliven the mind.

  • 160g soy wax candle with essential oils

    Serotonin scent: may chang, lemon, bergamot and rose geranium essential oils

    Presented in amber glass jar measuring 65mm diameter 85mm height

    Burn candle for 2 hours at first burn to ensure the candle burns evenly

    Do not leave candle burning unattended


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