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  • Neurotransmitter Candle - Melatonin

    Inspired by the neurotransmitters of the brain - this range of hand poured candles is bound to tickle your nose buds (*that's not an actual thing - doc*)


    Melatonin is the "sleep hormone" produced by your pineal gland in response to darkness.  The melatonin candle is a gorgeously woody, herbal and sleep inducing blend of lavender, vetiver, ho wood and patchoul.


    Light this candle and let the troubles of your day melt away...



    Read my tips on how to make your own essential oil blend

    • 160g soy wax candle with essential oils

      Melatonin scent: vetiver, lavender, ho-wood and patchouli essential oils

      Presented in amber glass jar measuring 65mm diameter 85mm height

      Burn candle for 2 hours at first burn to ensure the candle burns evenly

      Do not leave candle burning unattended

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