Bowtruckle DIY kit |

Bowtruckle DIY kit

One for all the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast fans in your life! Make your very own Bowtruckle!


A Bowtruckle is a magical tree dwelling creature which guards wand-wood trees. They are approximately 8 inches high, made of twigs with two small brown eyes and long sharp fingers.


Their long twig like fingers are perfectly adapted for digging out woodlice in trees for a Bowtruckle feast.


They are generally peaceful creatures, but can become aggressive if they or their home tree are threatened.


Newt Scamander in Fantastic Beasts has a pet Bowtruckle called Pickett who is extraordinary good at picking locks.



  •  3 x long green wire

     8 x pipe cleaners

     1 x green florists tape

     2 x fake leaves for top of head -

    2 x black beads on wire for eyes


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