A Fuck For Every Occasion: Interchangable Fuck Necklace
  • A Fuck For Every Occasion: Interchangable Fuck Necklace

    And lo - she did open her box, and found it was filled to the brim with fucks.


    A fuck for every occasion

    A veritable celebration of fucks.


    Run out of fucks to give? Checked the field where you grow your fucks, only to find it barren?


    Have your fucks all fucked off leaving you footloose and fuck free?


    I have the perfect gift for you. It’s a box of fucks. And you can WEAR the fucks around your neck - so even when you really don’t give a fuck any more - you can make it look like you do.


    15 interchangeable hand stamped brass tags, suspended on an 18inch, 24k gold plated brass chain. You can spell out phrases such as: “fuck off” “Fuck you” “Fucking fuckers” “Boris get tae fuck” “I don’t give a fuck” “Fuck this shit” “What the fuck” And so many more! . Treat yourself.


    You FUCKING deserve it. ❤️

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