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How to...hand stamp your own jewellery at home

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Here at Make and Create, we regularly run workshops on how to hand stamp your own jewellery.

We provide all the kit and equipment needed, as well as teaching techniques on how to perfect the skill.

However - with a little investment in the right equipment, and a lot of practice - this is a skill that you can easily teach yourself how to do at home.

Once you have the kit at home - the possibilities are endless! You can make beautiful bespoke jewellery for your friends and family, and never be stuck for a Christmas or birthday present again!

Below is a list of the kit you’ll need to get started, along with some links to buy the kit.

Brass cuff stamping blanks - this Etsy shop has some excellent brass stamping blanks:

Metal letter stamps - I really like this set from Impressart - they are great quality and a decent price compared to some kits which can be upwards of £50:

A steel stamping block

Stamping hammer:

A lacquer pen to highlight your lettering once stamped:

A jig to keep letters straight for ease of stamping whilst learning and practising:

Guide tape/stickers to help with spacing and alignment of lettering:

Fine steel wool to polish the final piece/remove blemishes/remove excess enamel pen:

Cuff bender to shape your stamped brass cuff:

A ruler

A pencil

Hand stamped brass cuff tutorial (you will need all the kit listed above)

1. Find a sturdy table to complete you project as you are going to be hammering on top of it!

2. Decide what phrase you want to stamp onto your cuff and use the ruler and pencil to mark out where you want the words to go.

3. Place your cuff blank on top of your stamping block then stick a stamping guide just below where you want to stamp your words.

4. If using a jig - place your metal stamp inside the jig and then apply to the metal surface. Gently slide the metal stamp face down until it catches on the edge of the guide tape.

5. Take your stamping hammer and strike the stamp once, firmly. Don’t be tempted to double hit the hammer as the stamp may have moved.

6. Continue steps 4 & 5 until all letters are stamped where you wish.

7. Now apply the enamel pen to the lettering. Once the enamel pen has dried - you can either wash off the excess or use the steel wool to gently buff off the excess ink, leaving the enamelled lettering behind.

8. Now place your cuff into the cuff bender and follow instructions on the packaging on using the cuff bender to shape your cuff.

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