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Make and Create was founded in 2018 by a GP called Zoe Watson.  

Having used creativity as a way of managing stress and anxiety for years - she wanted to try and teach others that creativity can be used to quieten the mind, as a form of "meditation for the hands"

She creates carefully curated craft kits as well as running workshops from her new shared premises at Crate, St James street with the amazing Borrowed Light Florals

For upcoming workshops and how to book see our workshop calendar page here

Made In The Crate: lovely stuff for lovely people

Made In The Crate offers a range of handmade candles, jewellery and alternative gifts.  All created by Make and Create owner, Zoe.

You can buy these online in our online shop here, or pop into Crate No.1 at Crate St James, Walthamstow, St James Street, E17 - which is where we are now based! 



Walthamstow, London, UK